Where to Learn More

If you’re interested in going further with Python, W3Schools, mentioned frequently in this course, is a good starting place. You’ll want to be sure to explore the pages on tuples and dictionaries, mentioned only briefly in our module, sooner rather than later.

If you plan to use Python for data analysis, you’ll definitely want to look, for starters, at the W3Schools tutorials on NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

You’ll find complete documentation for Python 3 at python.org. It’s less useful as a way to learn Python than as a way to get answers as the need arises.

Another way to get answers, of courses, is to ask the internet. Experienced programmers do this more often than you might think. Just remember the advice offered at the beginning of this course: Search, but verify.

RealPython provides excellent tutorials on a wide range of topics at all levels. Some are free, but access to complete library requires a subscription.

If you’re a Geneseo student or faculty member, you have free access to the wide range of excellent video tutorials available through LinkedIn Learning. Access them through the myGeneseo portal.