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Tales from the Crypto

Tales from the Crypto series poster

Tales from the Crypto series poster by Amanda Schmidt

Cryptocurrency, ledgers, digital wallets, NFTs: Suddenly they’re everywhere. But for many of us, these terms and the technologies they stand for remain ciphers, shrouded in mystery. How do they work, and how are they affecting our world?

To help you penetrate the fog, the Center for Digital Learning is bringing together SUNY Geneseo faculty experts from multiple disciplines for two virtual sessions. Each will leave time for Q&A and discussion. Registration required.

Presenting…Tales from the Crypto

Tale I (April 8, 2:30 p.m.): “The Thing From the Blockchain!” A spinetingling introduction to blockchain, cryptographic authentication, and other technologies that have brought cryptocurrency to life, related by Prof. Doug Baldwin (Mathematics).

Tale II (April 13, 2:30 p.m.): “This Won’t Hurt a Bit!” A roundtable discussion on how the specter of cryptocurrency is haunting the financial world, politics, and the environment, featuring Profs. Karleen West (Political Science and International Relations), Chinmay Jain (School of Business), and Andrew Hart (Political Science and International Relations).

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