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Dear Professor: crafting the perfect email to your professor

Text bubble made out of crumpled up index cards Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

For our final micro-workshop of this semester, the CDL hosted “Dear Professor: crafting the perfect email to your professor” presented by Paul Schacht. Finals are almost upon us, and students may find themselves even more overwhelmed than they have been all semester during the pandemic. Dr. Schacht shares encouraging and helpful tips, from a professor’s perspective, for how students can respectfully and effectively reach out to their professors for extensions on assignments or to request to take an exam on a later date. And, while the professor’s perspective is a great thing to have when considering how to email them, the CDL was thrilled to include the perspective of one of our Student Affiliates, Emma Raupp, on this topic as well. Emma shares her own experience with reaching out to professors and reassures students facing common worries.

From crafting the perfect subject line that will catch your professor’s attention to appreciating the humanity that exists between the two of you when communicating your needs, this session will definitely make you feel more confident about advocating for yourself as a student. Check out the recording below!


Below you’ll find the recording of Paul and Emma’s presentation called “Dear Professor: Crafting the perfect email to your professor”! We’ve included timestamps to key parts of the video to make it easier for you to access the parts you’re most interested in. Those timestamps include the following topics:

  1. Email anxiety
  2. Guiding principles
  3. Come up with a plan
  4. Subject line
  5. Greeting
  6. Body
  7. Conclusion
  8. Following up

Hover your mouse over the video timeline to select the portion you’d like to jump to!

Thank you for following our micro-workshop series this semester! We can’t wait to be back with more quick, helpful workshops in the fall. Best of luck getting through the rest of this semester; we believe in you! :star2: