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Do, defer, delegate, and delete: how to gain control over your email

Woman biting pencil stressfully while looking at laptop screen Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

In response to our Conversation on Student Workload in Online Courses, the CDL made a commitment to provide the Geneseo student community with easily-consumable workshops and resources to make the remainder of their (hopefully) last semester of pandemic online learning even a little more manageable.

Lucky for the CDL, we have productivity expert extraordinaire, CIT’s Director for Education Technology and the CDL’s Assistant Director for Online Learning, Laurie Fox to run micro-workshops on efficiently managing all sorts of obligations in the form of to-do lists.


Below you’ll find the recording of Laurie’s fabulous presentation on “How to gain control over your email”! We’ve included timestamps to key parts of the video to make it easier for you to access the parts you’re most interested in. Those timestamps include the following topics:

  1. Managing your inbox
  2. “Do”
  3. Keyboard shortcuts & labels
  4. Filters
  5. Managing Canvas email notifications
  6. “Delegate”
  7. “Defer”
  8. Google Calendar
  9. “Delete”
  10. Gmail search
  11. Discussion & questions

Hover your mouse over the video timeline to select the portion you’d like to jump to!

Up next!

This Wednesday (04/21/2021) the CDL will be featuring Laurie Fox yet again to expand on this micro-workshop and into a session on to-do lists! Laurie’s “Make your to-do list work for you” will cover 4 key to-do list tips:

  1. Collect everything
  2. Review routinely
  3. Break things into smaller bites (how do you eat an elephant…)
  4. Eat the Frog (do the hardest thing every day)

If you can make it, great! If you just can’t find the time, that’s ok, too. We’ll be sharing the video just like this last one!

Remember, we at the CDL (and many other departments!) are here to help, and we believe in you! :star2: