Center for Digital Learning at SUNY Geneseo

December 2020 newsletter

The CDL is starting a newsletter! As we wrap up our first semester of operation at Geneseo, we realized how much we’ve accomplished and how much we have to look forward to. After chatting with some of the members of our Faculty Affiliates group during a weekly meeting, we realized that there are more ways that we can communicate our accomplishments, goals, and upcoming events and plans with the Geneseo community, one of which being a regular newsletter!

In this newsletter, expect to find some highlights of our monthly activities, upcoming events, as well as some quick tech tips and tricks to motivate our followers to play around and experiment with their computers in between our workshops. This month, we’ve chosen to celebrate the completion of our first semester, the success of our first ever workshop, the existence of our blog (not that you, dear blog-reader, need any info about that!), and our upcoming focus groups, which we announced in a previous blog post.

To download the accessible PDF for this month’s newsletter, please visit the Newsletter Archive page on our official website, where you’ll also find all future newsletters! Each month we’ll post a brief notification of our newsletter publication here with this reminder link to our webpage.

Let’s finish this semester out strong!

Image of December 2020 Newsletter Visit the CDL website to download the PDF of this newsletter and to find future newsletters.