Center for Digital Learning at SUNY Geneseo

Call for participation! The future of digital learning at SUNY Geneseo

Picture of a white arrow pointing forward painted on pavement Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

As we find ourselves nearing the end of another unconventional semester, it is as hard to believe that we’ve been going through this life-altering pandemic since March as it is hard to remember anything from the “before time.” Something that began as an unexpected emergency move in the spring shifted to “the plan” for the fall; but, be assured, it’s virtually impossible (no pun intended) to actually make an effective plan for such a massive shift that quickly. We’re still very much in emergency mode.

While it may start to feel like this won’t ever end, it will. And when it does, things sure aren’t going to go back to the way they were. So, it’s really important that we figure out a plan, a real plan, going forward.

At the Center for Digital Learning, that’s one thing we’re here to do in our first year: spark, encourage, and support conversations around the future of digital learning at Geneseo. Geneseo needs a strategic plan for digital learning, and the starting point for that plan needs to be input from faculty and students.

That’s why the CDL is excited to announce that we will be holding several focus groups over the next few months composed of 5-10 student participants and run by members of the CDL Student Affiliate Program, Student Association, and Presidential Scholars. Through these focus groups we are eager to learn more about questions like:

  • How are things going with digital learning this semester?
  • What obstacles are you facing during remote learning?
  • What do you need from us to help you be productive and successful online students?

It’s our hope that we can not only provide students with an opportunity to talk through and connect with other students who might be experiencing similar challenges or obstacles in their online learning, but also take these experiences and use them to directly inform the development of Geneseo’s strategic plan around digital learning. We want our students to see this plan clearly reflect and address what they’ve seen as ineffective during this emergency remote learning time first hand. Only then can we start to move toward something better, empowered by a well-informed plan.

We’re excited to learn from you!